RAL Quality Association for Impregnated Wood Construction Elements

Owners of private gardens, developers, architects, timber shop owner, landscaping architects, owners of vineyards and orchards, members of planning committees and decision-makers – all of them make high demands when deciding on and purchasing preservative treated wooden products. Preservative treated wooden products, marked with the RAL Quality Label for preservative treated wood construction elements fulfill your demands – long service life, safety and ease of maintenance. In the following we outline the underlying concept of RAL Quality Control for timber products.

  • What the Quality Control system consists of,
  • What relevant measures are taken during production,
  • How you can distinguish RAL wood products from others,
  • And finally the specific benefits for you and your business by using timber certified by RAL Quality scheme

One particular benefit when using products marked with the RAL Quality Label is the 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Quality Label – how to recognize it and what it stands for

RAL quality-controlled wood products can be identified very easily by durable product-markings, e.g. by a plaque with the RAL quality mark, referencing the year of production year and other details provided by the manufacturer.

A further way of indicating RAL products is the “Simple Label”, by use of three stylized palisades, combined with the letter-sequence RAL and the manufacturer’s code number. This simplified quality mark is applied in several variations, e.g. as a marker nail or clip, by marking iron, by embossing or similar methods providing a durable marking on the wooden element.

The RAL Quality Label stands for:

  • Use of untreated timber of high-quality as raw meterial
  • Use of officially authorized wood preservatives
  • Profound treatment according to the most update treatment technic, specification and treatment requirements
  • 10-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Highest durability and performance of the timber products providing a maximum of safety for everybody

The fundamental principles of the Quality Association

The RAL value system

Consumers, industry as well as locally and nationally bodies inviting for tenders / public authorities play safe in considering the use of treated wooden products marked with the RAL Quality Label. It stands for reliable, solid and trustworthy products of consistent high quality.

Your benefits


Only approved manufacturers (Approved Users of the Quality Label)) are allowed to mark their wood products with the RAL Quality Label.
There is a 10-year manufacturer's guarantee for these products.

Here is a list with the names of the manufacturers who are currently allowed to use the Quality Label.

Erich Scheerer GmbH

Behren 2
29365 Sprakensehl
Phone +49-5837-97970

Braun + Würfele GmbH + Co.

Mähderstr. 29-32
72270 Baiersbronn (Heselbach)
Phone +49-7442-8438-0

Pieper-Holz GmbH

Gewerbegebiet, Im Westfeld 2
59939 Olsberg Assinghausen
Phone +49-2962-97110

Schwarz-Zäune GmbH

Sandgrubenweg 24
88499 Altheim-Riedlingen
Phone +49-7371-9374-0

Carl Scholl GmbH

Rösrather Str. 770
51107 Köln (Rath)
Phone +49-2205-1015

Fürstenberg-THP GmbH

Hochstraße 2
78183 Hüfingen
Phone +49-771-8978280

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